Kulture Yoghurt are natural food mavericks, dedicated to the idea that healthy foods mean healthier people, healthier business and a healthier planet. At Kulture yoghurts, we have one vision and that's to take yoghurt back to being the healthy fermented milk whole food it used to be.

In our manufacturing processes, we use age-old traditional methods which takes back the true health benefits of yoghurt. At Kulture, we do not add any sugars, sweeteners, thickeners, stabilizers, GMO's, starches or gluten's, gums, emulsifiers preservatives or any other unnatural chemicals. We only use full cream whole milk and our imported Bulgarian bacterial cultures which ferment and turn milk naturally into wholesome yoghurts. We use natural processes and time to do what mother nature intended.......... to create a  whole natural true healthy food.

Kulture Yoghurt

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